RetroRide: Los Angeles


RetroRide is a trip planner for the Los Angeles area that not only gives you information on current service, it also uses schedule data from 1979 and 2009 to compare the services from each era to see if things have really got better on the bus (and the train).

RetroRide includes current schedules for Metro, LADOT, Metrolink and Glendale Beeline as well as 2009 archived data for Metro, LADOT and Metrolink and 1979 data from the Southern California Rapid Transit District for all of the routes in the San Fernando Valley and other portions of Los Angeles.

Please enjoy RetroRide!

RTD lines currently supported for 1979 trip plans (New lines are being added often!)

Plan a trip - then and now!

Late 1970s support is limited to the San Fernando Valley and limited routes elsewhere in Los Angeles.

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